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Diverse Conversations

The project Diverse Conversations started in 2004 with the goal of stimulating the free debate of ideas on cultural diversity and expanding the Brazilian participation in international discussions. A series of panels, in partnership with FNAC, brought together Brazilian and international speakers, in the city of São Paulo.

Culture and Globalization

Gilberto Gil (Minister of Culture) and Sérgio Mamberti (Ministry of Culture)

Leonardo Brant (Brant Associados and Pierre Courty (Fnac Brasil)


International trade and Cultural Diversity: relations and effects

Bruno Boulay (Bureau de la Musique Francaise) and Vera Cíntia Alvarez

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Fábio Cesnik (CQS Law Firm)


The effects of globalization on local cultures

Ana Paula Jones (Raízes da Tradição) and André Martinez (Pensarte Institute) Px Silveira (Pensarte Institute)


UNESCO Convention: paradigms of world cultural diversity

Michel Nicolau (IDC) and Jurema Machado (Unesco)

Sílvio Crespo (Culture and Market)


Cultural diversity: promote and preserve

Felipe Lindoso (author of the book Can Brazil be a country of readers?)

And Marta Porto (Cultural Policy Center of IETS - Institute of Labor and Society Studies)

Sergio Azemberg (Pensarte Institute)


Appropriation and control of symbolic values ​​by the media

Newton Canito (Institute of Television Studies) and Israel of the Valley (Pensarte Institute) Cássio Chameki (Secretary of Culture of Curitiba)


Identity and Cultural Diversity

Sergio Mamberti (Ministry of Culture) and Joost Smiers (Ultrecht Univesity - Netherlands) Danilo Miranda (Sesc)

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