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CTRL-V: Video Control

Documentary-research about the global film industry and its effects on local cultures. Recorded with a digital camera in the best “DIY style”, the director Leonardo Brant discusses the mainstream entertainment industry along with great thinkers such as Gilles Lipovetsky and Hollywood experts like Edward Jay Epstein and Neal Gabler. 

The film was produced in 2010, sponsored by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID) as part of the project "Diverse Conversations", when YouTube and the digital revolution was just hitting the music industry and  still announcing its disruption for the film and TV sectors.

The film premiered simultaneously on the Brazilian network  TV Cultura and online, as one of the firsts day-and-date releases of all time. The debate was extended in many countries including the New York University, in the US, and the Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona. The film was also theme of a TEDx in ESPM University, in São Paulo. 

The interviews with more than 50 experts are available here.  



Production: Brasil, Espanha, Argentina, Estados Unidos

Year: 2011

Genre: Documentary 

Duração: 54 min

Created and directed by: Leonardo Brant

Executive Production: Fernanda Martins

Direction of Production: Roberta Milward

Post Production: Valdir Afonso

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