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RAIA: red audiovisual iberoamericana

RAIA is a cooperation network formed by international stakeholders with large experience in many aspects of the audiovisual industry. The group's mission is to discuss new ways of thinking, making and promoting local audiovisual contents in the IberoAmerican territory. 

The creation of this network had two important stages: selecting the members and promoting meetings for them to discuss the agenda. The requirement to become a first member was to be engaged in an activity that looks deeply into some innovative aspect of the audiovisual industry. 

The following experts were selected: 

- Cesar Piva, Brazil, from Fabrica do Futuro, located in the rural part of Brazil dedicated to social inclusion throughout new technologies

- Humberto Mancilla, Bolivia, from the Human Rights Film Festival, that helps to promote independent films, especially focused in native traditions in Latinamerica;

- Alicia Frapiccini, Argentina, general director of Fundación Kine, dedicated to audiovisual education for young generations;

- Eli Lloveras, Spain, responsible for the videoart distribution platform HAMACA;

- Dino Pancani, Chile, professor focused on promoting audiovisual language in schools. 

There were two work meetings to plan the themes there would be discussed, based on the experience of the members. The first meeting was in May of 2009, at the Spain Cultural Center, in São Paulo. For 4 days, the group had the opportunity to share points of interest such as: intelectual property, media convergence and audiovisual literacy. In the following months, the network had numerous online meetings to create guidelines for each theme. 

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